Essay on An Article From Cnn 's On A Computer And Print Option

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An article from CNN discusses some of the approaching changes of the SAT. This spring, according to David Coleman, the College Board President and CEO, the test will require students to justify their answers. Among the content of the exam, the test perfect score will be adjusted from 2400 to 1600, with an optional essay. Additionally, a study tool used widely by students for a variety of core subjects, Khan Academy, will partner for the first time with the College Board to prepare students for this big exam. In the pasts the test used to be “disconnected from the work of high school classrooms,” said Coleman. With this significant alteration, the SAT will hopefully be more relevant for students. The overall time will be about three hours, not considering the 50 minute essay, and comes in a computer and print option. In conclusion, Coleman finished his statement explaining how “this exam will be focused, useful, open, clear, and aligned with the work you will do throughout high school.”
The article found on CNN and written by Jamie Gumbrecht is a very academic and useful article. Gumbrecht earned her bachelor of arts in journalism from Michigan State University and a master of fine arts in creative nonfiction from Goucher College. Gumbrecht is a credible author who has an abundant amount of experience in the field. Her experience is evident in that she quotes reliable sources and people, and includes research from a variety of respected organizations in this article about…

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