An Article Appraisal Regarding The Decrease Of Infection During Neonatal Intensive Care Units By Performing Hand Hygiene

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Appraise the Evidence: Does Handwashing Decrease Infection in the NICU This paper will examine the elements used to perform an article appraisal concerning the decrease of infection in Neonatal Intensive Care Units by performing hand hygiene. Introduction Reading scholarly articles are an essential element of nursing practice. In order to stay up to date with current, reliable data, scholarly articles must be utilized on a regular basis. However, to achieve this, nurses need to be able to decipher which articles are better developed than others are. The purpose of this paper is to critically appraise the article “Improvement of Adherence to Hand Hygiene Practice Using a Multimodal Intervention Program in a Neonatal Intensive Care”. In addition, to determine if this article has credible and reliable data that can be utilized in practice.
Article Critique The nursing profession’s main goal is to deliver patient care based on the best evidence-based practice available. In order to achieve this goal nurses must critically appraise evidence, which comes in many forms from journals to articles. Article critiques are so important to evidence-based practice because it is “an examination of the quality of a study to determine the credibility and meaning of the findings for nursing” (Grove et al., 2015, p.362).
Strengths and Weaknesses The article by Hoogen et al (2011) had few strengths that were evident. One vital strength that the article included was a clear, precise…

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