Essay on An Article About Interactive Assault Harassment

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Artifact #3 - Article about Interactive Assault Harassment
The third artifact is an article that addresses the misogyny in the video game called "Beat up Anita Sarkessian". Sarkessian started a campaign with a purpose to end sexism in video games, in response a man from northern Ontario created an online game that allows the players to strike Sarkessian 's face. The video game was taken down the day after its initial release but Sarkessian continued to face harassment. The harassment can create a hostile environment for a person trying to stand up against sexism.
Key Component #1 - Excerpt from the article
“Hackers attempted to shut down her website, fundraising page and social media sites and harassers sent Sarkeesian pornographic images and drawings of rape.”
There are people who do not stand up against the discrimination against women but then there are those that stand up against the people that stand up against discrimination towards women. This is what happened in the scenario of Anita Sarkessian. Anita 's campaign raised $160,000 USD, which got a lot of positive attention but also got much hate. Hackers tried to wreck her fundraising page against the issue and sent her disturbing images of rape because they did not want anyone to take a stand against misogyny shown in the video games. The attempt of trying to silence a woman standing up for the females shows the hate than these hackers, most likely men, have towards women. Women like Sakessian face much…

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