Essay on An Article About How Car Services Started

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This week I chose an article about how car services began to make their apps to go against Uber. Uber is an application that is used by individuals to request for a car service to appear wherever they are with a touch of a button. I personally believe that this is a great application to use for transportation. However, the yellow taxis, car services, or other transportation are not quite fond off this system. Other car services have been complaining about Uber and have become frustrated with this system getting involved. They have became learned helplessness because they thought their faith in being the best car service was over since Uber was built. For the car services and limousines to still stay in service and catch up to Uber is by keeping up with the technologies. Rather then using the two-way radio, they turned their ways into using color-coded letters and numbers that track their cars. Now, these cars have begun using an app that led them to the address of the customers. Since customers make fewer phone calls, the only way to reach out to them is threw apps.
The high-class car services began to use smartphone apps since December and since then the number rides have increased. The yellow taxi owners and drivers see Uber as a threat to them because it is more convenient to customers and at a considerable cost. They noticed the Uber has ruined their reputation and they must do something about this. After years of independence, car service companies joined forces and…

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