An Article About Adhd ( Adhd ) Essay

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During the school week, students sit in the same classes every day for seven hours. Some people might be able to take the challenge of walking in at seven am for nine months, but others cannot handle that. Boys are the ones who can 't do this. This is because school is designed more for girls and their behavior. Boys cannot sit still for an entire period, it is proven that they get lower grades, and they are not taught the way they should be.

In school, boys are expected to sit still for almost an hour without causing any distractions. An article about ADHD (which is an attention disorder) says that 13.5 percent of boys aged three to 17 are diagnosed with this disorder while only 5.4 percent of girls have ADHD. A poll taken by teachers also proves that 82 percent of them believe that this disorder is more prevalent in boys. The typical school has all of the classrooms designed the same. Every classroom has about 20 students, and about over half of those students are male. All those boys have to sit still for about 52 minutes listening to a teacher speak about one single topic. Doesn’t that sound boring? They need some type of movement during the class, and that is usually not encouraged. If boys can’t have movement, why not talk to their friend who is sitting next to them? No, that is not the best choice either. If boys continue to pursue these actions, they could get a detention - or worse. They are only being punished for what they do best. On the other hand, girls can…

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