An Argument Analysis, And A Visual Analysis Essay

777 Words Apr 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Succeeding this reflection are all of the essays that I have completed this semester: a report, arguing a position, an argument analysis, and a visual analysis. All of the above essays were written in relation to the topic of detective fiction and presented a more scientific view of this genre.
When I am going to write an essay, I start by conducting research on my topic to make sure that I have enough material to work with along with checking the credibility of sources. I then create a thesis and brainstorm the formatting of my essay out on paper. Once I have a solidified idea of the formatting and direction of my essay, I write the essay. For the most part, this process worked really well for me. The brainstorming and the formatting is very helpful for me because it gives me a good starting place for my essays. The only part that seems less helpful to me would be what I usually skip: thinking more about my thesis. For example, in my argument essay, my thesis was “our love of detective fiction is largely scientific: it is influenced the most by our brains”. If I had thought longer about that thesis, I would have realized that it was too broad and that the brain influences a lot of things.
My first essay was a report that described the psychological side of why we like detective fiction. I feel like I did a good job of integrating my research into this essay and I kept it well organized, but my biggest weakness was my grammar and punctuation. I left off commas here and…

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