An Application For A Job At Forever 21 Essay examples

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Lookism Writing Task
Introduction Paragraph: (HOOK) Beautiful Julie-Ann and her average looking sister, Mary-Ann, both decided to fill out an application for a job at Forever 21. Julie-Ann was an average C+ student, who has no working experience but knows how to take a killer selfie, while her sister graduated with 4.2 GPA all four years of highschool and had plenty of work experience, but only Julie-Ann was hired while her sister was not. Was this fair? Should people be hired or not hired based on their looks rather than their qualifications? (THESIS, POSITION, AND WHY) In a job where looks do not matter, lookism does not have a place in the workplace but in a job where looks do matter, then lookism definitely has a part; everything simply comes to business and lawful rights. Whether lookism has a place in the workplace or not, it all really depends on the job itself as different jobs need different things. Victims have reasons to be mad but (some) businesses have the right to say no them.
Body Paragraph #1: (TOPIC SENTENCE) In a job where looks matter, image is everything and businesses know that; especially in businesses that sell clothes, makeup, shoes, and so on. Anyone who is good-looking has a chance of working for a big upscale business as “businesses are openly seeking workers who are sexy, sleek, or simply good-looking” to sell their products (Greenhouse, paragraph 6). It is not a surprise that “we are a culture consumed by image” (Bennett, paragraph 2)…

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