Essay on An Annotated Bibliography Of Writing

1030 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page
In four months, I have endured writing four essays and an annotated bibliography. I squirmed in my seat each time Professor Longoria passed back the class’ purple folders containing our graded essays. Seeing red marks on my essays could either mean that I did a flawless job or I may have been guilty of a few comma splices and contractions. Nevertheless, my strengths lie in my use of vocabulary and organization of the essays. However, I tend to be weaker in my use of grammar and topic sentences. Although these weaknesses proved a challenge to overcome during the semester, they have changed my perspective on persuasive writing. With regard to my strengths in writing, vocabulary and use of language are where I am especially confident. I incorporated the vocabulary into my sentence structures such as in one of the paragraphs in essay 3, I state that “Asian parents have cultivated their children to be smarter, nurturing their attitude” (“The Demographics of Asian Americans: Why are they Smart” 2). My exploit of the vocabulary can be said in simpler terms such as Asian parents have made their kids smart or parents have encouraged their children to be smarter. From my first essay, my use of language has grown better in class with the help of Professor Longoria leaving comments on my paper. Starting from one of the body paragraphs, I write that “Video games can … provide learning skills, provide health skills, and social skills” which followed with a comment that said “you have a…

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