An Animal 's Place By Michael Pollan Essay

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Did you know that on average one person consumes 270.7 pounds of meat a year? With this startling fact one could wonder where does all this meat come from and how is it being raised? In Michael Pollan’s article “An Animal’s Place” Pollan argues the pros and cons of factory farming as well as organic farming and takes a stand for the humane treatment of animals, as well as appreciating the meat one eats. In Blake Hurst’s article titled “The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri–intellectuals” Hurst believes that industrial farming is the only way to feed the world in an abundant and cost efficient way. By reading both articles, the reader can see that no matter which side of the fence you choose to stand on there are faults in both types of farming.
Michael Pollan explains that animals in factory farms need to be treated more humanely; however, he does not believe in ceasing to eat meat altogether. In Pollan’s article, he argues that animal rights activists should be more concerned about the pain and suffering of animals instead of getting people to stop eating meat. The author points this out by saying “people who care should be worrying not for animal rights but for animal welfare – to ensure that farm animals don’t suffer and that their deaths are swift and painless” (Pollan 411). Pollan highlights this point because he does not believe in animals having the same rights as humans but he provides a solution for the animals to have a quick death that is painless. Pollan…

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