Essay on An Angel 's Story

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An Angel’s Story
In the year of 2012, my brother was no longer at home with his family, but he spent months at camp where he was trained for the army. He felt very fortunate that many people were sending him letters and other goods while he was away. That is not the case for everyone though because many deployed soldiers do not get the support that they deserve while they are away. How would you feel if you had to spend months or even years over sea and you hardly got any letters or care packages sent to you?
In the year of 2014, Alison King was on the USS Nimitz. The only support she got while she was deployed was a couple of things from her mother. Many of Alison’s shipmates received many care packages and letters from people and children that they didn 't even know. Alison was very curious to know how her shipmates were receiving all of these goods. Eventually, Alison figured out that all of her shipmates were signed up for an organization that would send them goods and provide them with support. Alison immediately had her mother sign her up for this organization that is devoted to supporting the military. Right away, Alison started receiving all sorts of things from the Soldiers’ Angels organization such as care packages, blankets, letters, and pictures from children. Her favorite things were the drawings and letters from little kids. After being at sea for a long time, Alison was finally able to come home. She received a total of two hundred letters while she was…

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