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Analysis of business-related messages
Donna Smith
April 27, 2014
Elizabeth Kachmor

Analysis of business-related messages
In business today most communication is relayed through electronic means. This is done using e-mail, texting or video chats. There are advantages and disadvantages to using virtual communication, examples of the advantages are increased productivity, ability to work at home, or in the field, and less time in the office. There is also the advantage of being able to connect to staff or clients without having to access the information in the office. Some of the disadvantages are being available twenty four hours a day, and loss of personal communication. There is also the possibility of miscommunicating
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These messages are sent from our regional supervisor. These communications are very important, because he is notifying over sixty stores what he needs from us. Having clear direction is essential for us to staff our store, and make money for our owners. When he sends these emails we are given a certain percentage to use based on the previous year’s sales. We are notified whether to add more staff, or to decrease our staff on our next schedule. Our area supervisor will relay this information via e-mail. This is the most recent one sent, “Store managers, based on last year’s sales we are as a whole up 3% so plan your labor accordingly. Do not forget, that we had a large groupon sale on Thursday, so do not use those numbers for that day. Please respond if you are not sure of your numbers”. Using the communications module, our area supervisor is the sender of the message because he initiated the communication. He will determine the intent of the message, and if any response is needed. The store managers are the receivers of the message and the purpose of the message is to let us know what labor to use to make our next week’s schedule. The message is an action-oriented message, because it is requiring the managers to do something, which is to use the information to complete our next week’s schedule. The internet is the environment of this message and the technology being used is e-mail. The noise in the message is the reference to the

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