An Analysis of Lisel Mueller’s “Hope” Essay

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Lorena Gomez
Professor Cordero

An Analysis of Lisel Mueller’s “Hope”

When we are going through hardships in life, we feel like we are in a small wreck boat fighting the currents of a nasty sea storm. We start noticing we are miles and miles away from help; we realize we are alone. We cannot see beyond the situation we are currently experiencing. We are blind by the sea storm and it seems like there is no sign of hope anywhere. But just as we fall into despair, a luminous light squeezes from the dark grayish clouds. And even though we almost had let go of the only precious thing that gave us strength, this light is giving us an opportunity to preserve hope once more. In Lisel Mueller’s poem “Hope”, Mueller claims
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Mueller goes on saying, hope is given to us as a “singular gift” (16), meaning hope is found in ourselves. She continues declaring hope is indestructible when she writes “we cannot destroy in ourselves” (17). Giving us an idea that we can attempt to destroy it, however, we won’t achieve it. Hope will remain with us until we die.
Moreover, hope motivates us. When Mueller writes “the arguments that refutes death” (18), she

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