An Analysis On Hiv, Aids, And Ebola Essay

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The Outcomes of Pandemics: An Analysis on HIV, AIDS, and Ebola
Throughout history the world has constantly been plagued by the spread of infectious diseases. These diseases have eradicated millions of the world’s population, inducing death and suffering of human kind. While the characteristics and effects of each disease have left their own unique imprint in time, the goal for humanity will always remain the same and that is survival. Over the last 100 years two specific illnesses have made a lasting impact on the world, the first being HIV the human immunodeficiency virus and the second being Ebola.
2013 brought on what is considered the most extensive pandemic of the Ebola virus disease which encompassed many countries in western Africa. Although this was the most widespread case of The Ebola virus disease more commonly referred to as Ebola, there have been countless outbreaks of the virus from the late 1990’s through the mid 2000’s. The early outbreaks affected countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda however they did not receive much media attention. The Ebola virus itself is a viral illness in humans and other primates in which they experience fever and hemorrhage which is the internal and external bleeding of the circulatory system. The symptoms of those affected with the virus often worsen leading to excruciating pain as organs such as the kidney and liver begin to fail. The severity of Ebola is often linked to its high mortality rate as 25% to…

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