An Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Drum Taps Essay

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“Nothing endures but personal qualities,” (Whitman, 2008, p. 115) conveys the core of a nursing leader. There are many qualities and characteristics, which determine the effectiveness of a nurse leader. In 1863, Walt Whitman’s experience and artistry of the written word uncovered the horrors of war. While attempting to find his war-injured soldier brother, he travelled to many military hospitals and convalescent homes. “The absence of any treatment for the heart and the soul [of the sick, wounded, and dying] truly brought him to despair” (Bob, 2009). The compassion, kindness, and altruism Walt Whitman demonstrated towards those suffering were communicated in his writings, which made a significant contribution to the nursing profession.
Although there were no formal nursing training programs during the time of the Civil War, Whitman considered himself as a volunteer nurse. Whitman’s collection of poetry, Drum-Taps, first published in 1865, described the suffering of wounded soldiers. He articulated his responsibilities in his poignant poem, The Wound Dresser. This poem recounts how a veteran comes to the realization that providing care to fellow human beings in need is the deepest experience that life can provide.
Bearing the bandages, water and sponge,
Straight and swift to my wounded I go,
Where they lie on the ground after the battle brought in,
Where their priceless blood reddens the grass, the ground (...)
Returning, resuming, I thread my way through the hospitals,…

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