Essay on An Analysis Of Thomas More 's Utopia

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If We Are All Different, Are We All the Same?
An Analysis of Uniformity in Thomas More’s Utopia
Individuality is an attribute so heavily stressed in society today. However, since most people are trying to stand out in the same ways, at the end of the day we all end up identical. The question standing is, is there a real way to be unique and if so is that something we should really be trying to achieve? I believe that while sameness may not be the answer to all of society’s problems it does solve a lot of them. As a whole a uniform society will function more efficiently and effortlessly than an individualistic society. In Thomas More’s Utopia, sameness is a trait that is valued and rightfully so since there are valuable benefits to the idea. In this ideal world of sameness, there is no poverty, no unemployment, and no homeless. Everyone has enough to eat, an education, a home, and a stress free life. While this does limit personal choice, this also means that you cannot make bad choices since everything is planned out for you. The advantages of this society are vast while the issues are few. Yet there is another question that needs to be answered here. Is a society that is completely equal even remotely possible to achieve? Using proof from Thomas More’s, Utopia, and Lois Lowry’s, The Giver, I will explore the positives and negatives of a uniform society and whether or not it is an ideal that we should strive towards in this day and age or an idea that should be avoided.…

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