An Analysis Of ' The Great ' Of Alexander ' And ' His Second Wife Olympias '

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In 356 B.C. Phillip II and his third wife Olympias had a child named Alexander. At a young age Alexander was educated by a wise Greek philosopher named Aristotle. According to Plutarch, Alexander went against Aristotle‚Äôs advice to treat the Greeks as a leader, and the barbarians as a master (Plutarch 4). However, he treated them as friends and kinsmen so that his kingdom would not be filled with warfare, banishments and secret plots. In this way he could mediate and govern the world (Plutarch 4). He conquered the Persians so that instead of him treating them as leaders, they would treat him as a leader. Alexander deserved to be called, the Great, because of his strategic military skills, ambition to become a great leader at a young age, and the way he maintained and controlled his empire when he was the king (Plutarch 4). A larger empire was something Alexander lusted for. Those who he failed to persuade to live under his rule he overpowered with his army, forcing his leadership upon them. When it came to combat Alexander excelled in strategizing and outsmarting his opponents. His tactics and reasoning are still being studied to this day. His leadership during his first major battle with the Persians was madcap and senseless according to Plutarch (Plutarch 5). Even though less strategizing took place at this battle he still managed to terrify the Persians and hold them captive. In this battle captives outnumbered the captors, but they were so frightened that the thought of…

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