An Analysis Of ' The Fall Of The House Of Usher ' By Edgar Allan Poe

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According to Dr. Baumeister’ journal Masochism as Escape from Self, there are three main features of Masochism: Pain, loss of control, and humiliation. (Baumeister 1998). Pain is used as an escape from Self awareness because one’s attention is concentrated on the feeling not the self. “One’s knowledge about the world is temporarily forgotten, and attention is narrowed to the immediate present, both spatially and temporarily” (Baumeister 1998) In other words, masochist use pain almost as a narcotic, that figuratively removes them from themselves, and into a place where their sole focus is on the area where pain is inflicted. Masochist use bondage as a form of pain, within their bondage they relinquish their freedom and submit to the sadist. The short stories and poems written by Edgar Allan Poe consist of many examples of symbols. These symbols are used to convey the masochistic demeanor of the characters. One example of these symbols is Usher House from “The Fall of the House of Usher”. In this story, the house itself is presented as more than a character, although it acts as one. This house is one of Roderick Usher’s biggest tormentors. A house that he can never escape, a house that he does not wish to escape. “The Fall of the House of Usher” is narrated by an unnamed narrator. This narrator is an old friend of Roderick Usher, the proprietor of Usher House. Poe describes how gloomy and ominous the house appears from the outside with the “minute fungi” and the…

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