An Analysis Of Swift 's ' A Modest Proposal ' Essay

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Swift uses satire in his essay “A Modest Proposal” to criticize a number of problems that Ireland was facing in the early 1700s. He focuses on the overpopulation problem that was affecting Ireland and offers a “simple” solution; sell the children of the poor to the rich to be eaten. He goes on to explain how this will not only help with overpopulation and the economy but how it would benefit the parent/parents of the children that are being sold. Throughout his essay, he also discreetly and skillfully touches on the issues of, poverty and economic exploitation.
Swift satirizes the overpopulation in Ireland by saying the best way to fix the problem is to eat the children. On top of that, he goes on to mention other problems that Ireland faces like economic exploitation, and the poverty ensued by it. He lists numerous ways that the practice of eating children would be beneficial to all and explains his exact plan on how to execute it. The paper is written formally and presents itself as a very well thought out plan to sell and eat the children of the poor. However it is a paper about how Ireland needs desperate help with their overpopulation and that if a ridiculous plan like eating children makes sense then changes must be made. The paper is written in a style similar to that of a court proposal and appears as if he is writing this as a member of the aristocracy and addressing the members of the Irish legislature. One of the other points that Swift 's makes is the…

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