Essay about An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles '

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From Marriage to Murder Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” is the perfect example of what happens to a person when they are driven to the edge of their sanity. Just how much can one person take before they snap? In this short but intense play-turned-story, we read about an unhappy marriage, murder and the possible motive behind it. The play has five different main characters who are standing in the now abandoned Wrights farmhouse. George Henderson, the county attorney, Henry Peters, the sheriff, his wife Mrs. Peters, and a neighboring farmer Lewis Hale and his wife Mrs. Hale. They are discussing and attempting to figure out just what happened in the house. Mr. John Wright is dead and his wife, Mrs. Wright, is currently behind bars for his murder. John’s murder was a shocking discovery for friends, neighbors and other townsfolk who described him as a “hard” but good man. My main focus is why; what is the main reasoning behind Mrs. Wrights decision to murder her husband? Was there more going on behind closed doors that nobody knew about? Was she abused, physically or mentally, making the murder self-defense? Overall, how does a seemingly normal woman, who was described once as a happy timid girl, turn into a cold-blooded killer? Before marriage Mrs. Wright was known to everyone as Minnie Foster. A happy woman who used to dress up in nice looking dresses and who loved to sing in the choir. Mrs. Hale, a neighbor of the Wright’s said “I heard she used to wear pretty clothes and be…

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