An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles ' Essay

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What a Woman does Reflects the Man in Glaspell 's “Trifles”

Susan Glaspell is recognised as being one of the realest and dramatic authors when it comes to style in American Literature. Glaspell speaks the truth, uses a lot of emotion and puts her characters in real life situations that could happen, maybe to shake her audience and to say “hey, wake up!”. She has a very unique way of making her characters seem normal, It doesn 't feel like you 're reading a play and everything is scripted, but you actually feel like your present and experiencing what 's going on. A very interesting twist, she puts into her writing is she critiques society, Glaspell isn 't afraid to take a stand. For instance, in this play it 's taking a stand for woman. The most important thing here is the difference between men and women. Both have always been labeled by their social class, the roles they play in society and the power they hold.
In the short script there is a murder and the men that come in and do the investigating act like the women there are completely clueless, when at the end the two main characters end up solving the murder. They also make comments on how the house is dirty, saying Mrs. Wright wasn’t a good homemaker, but why was it all on her and not her husband? According, to Linda Ben-Zvi “The fears of men who, even as they shape society, are desperately afraid of women, and so have fashioned a world in which women come and go only in certain rooms; and...the fears of those women…

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