An Analysis Of Social Media Adoption Essay

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In the article, Canadian Advocacy 2.0: An Analysis of Social Media Adoption and Perceived Affordances by Advocacy Groups Looking to Advance Activism in Canada, Jonathan Obar examines the extent to which advocacy groups in Canada are adopting social media technologies and which groups perceive social media as offering affordances for advancing forms of activism. Though there has been a rise in businesses incorporating social media technologies, research shows that various activist groups are engaging poorly (Obar, 2014). The author lists a variety of social media affordances including, visibility, persistence, editability, association, commenting, accessibility, and validation (2014). The AN has a Facebook page with just over 700 likes and a YouTube channel (though inactive). Their social media presence has steadily increased since last year. My LSS indicated that last years York University intern doubled their social media presence over Facebook. Here, you can see how social media provides visibility. Facebook provides an outlet for the AN to inform the community about workshops (usually pertaining to social media) and allows artists to publish their artwork. Facebook also allows online users to leave comments if they have any questions. However, the AN could expand their social media presence onto other outlets such as, Twitter and Instagram.

MailChimp, which I mentioned last week, provides you with editability when marketing emails. The Web 2.0 interface allows me to…

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