An Analysis Of Shirley Jackson, Sherman Alexie, Raymond Carver, And Ann Beattie

1961 Words Oct 13th, 2015 8 Pages
Shirley Jackson, Sherman Alexie, Raymond Carver, and Ann Beattie are all famous authors during their time. Their work, especially the four mentioned, have influenced a legion of readers over the years, and references to their writings can be found in almost any library. My thesis for this paper is that the authors of these short stories show the audience how loneliness prevents characters and communities from changing. These authors, as best described by critic of ‘The Lottery’ Helen E. Nebeker, “has raised these lesser themes to one encompassing a comprehensive, compassionate, and fearful understanding of man trapped in the web spun from his own need to explain and control the incomprehensible universe around him”. All of their stories are full of symbolism and hidden critique that people have studied throughout their careers. Their use of imagination and reality in their short stories are symbols of their writing as each is trying to prove a point. In ‘The Lottery,’ the idea of loneliness surfaces as the villagers still continue to follow their tradition of the lottery even though the other villages has stopped. In ‘A Good Story’ the image of Native American’s being segregated from the community and almost isolating themselves leading to them only attempting to be around their race. In ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Love’ the image of needing to be accompanied rises as Terri, in the story, goes to the extremes of love. In ‘Janus’ the thought of attachment because…

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