Essay about An Analysis Of Shane 's ' Grandpa '

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It started off like a normal day but it all changed when Shane got a call saying that his grandma and grandpa were both in the hospital. His mom was at work when she got the news she dropped everything to go see her parents in the hospital even if she got fired for leaving work. Shanes mom picked him up from school and they both went to see what was wrong with Shanes grandparents. No one told them anything. Shanes dad passed away in the same hospital over ten years ago the same day his grandparents were put in the hospital. Shane turns sixteen the next day but he doesn’t care about getting gifts he just wants his grandparents to see him turn sixteen. His grandma was in the hospital for a broken hip and his grandpa was in for a broken back. They weren’t that old but the procedure was extreme enough that both of them had a slight possibility of making it. But Shane did his best to show how much he cared for his grandparents. His grandma made it out ok but his grandpa had some complication and died just three hours after Shane turned sixteen. He could not forgive himself for his grandpa not making it. Shane prayed every night that he should of been the one who died not his grandpa and his dad. His dad was a head chef at Olive Garden. He died of food poisoning from one of the other chefs that guy didn’t know how to cook at all. Shanes mom works at the business center in California. Shane grandparents live there for over twenty years. Him and his family used to live in North…

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