An Analysis Of Servility By Tony Caldwell

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Disclaimer: Explicit content and some disturbing imagery exists within this document:


An Essay by Tony Caldwell

'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. ' -Voltaire

Self-degradation of the worst variety is subscription to the idea that an invisible force which cannot be proven to exist should represent the be-all and end-all of human affairs and conduct. Yet this is the kind of servitude and unwavering loyalty that monotheism unambiguously expects of its followers. Totalitarianism. Every move that you make, every word spoken or even un-spoken is subject to scrutiny and castigation from the omnipresent – to use an Orwellian reference – 'Big Brother ' figure that watches from on high. Not only must you
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To witness so many intelligent people proclaiming themselves to be sheep, of all things, seems nonsensical to me. Yet it becomes increasingly more appropriate an equation when they begin to blather on about their religious beliefs in a manner that I could, in some cases, describe as bleating. I would love to see the flush come into their cheeks were I to reveal that homosexuality is more common in sheep than most other animals, but I …show more content…
As we 've covered, the threat of Hell is a strong factor, but what of the reward? This is where we learn the true reason for the flock 's loyalty: the human desire for recompense. At the end of it all lies eternal life; a place in Heaven with the father. The same father you are terrified of, who can convict you of thought-crime; who watches you while you sleep and judges you even then for what may come in your dreams. This is what religion offers; a chance to not only have an everlasting father, but to follow him unfailingly and be a slave to his rules in life, and then in death you get to live with him. Why is this so tantalizing to religious people?

Because religion offers a life after death. An indulgence of the selfish desire to live forever. This is why it will be a long time before religion is a thing of the past. The ludicrous doctrines and ritualistic practices will never be overcome until such a time as we no longer fear our own mortality. This is the motivation of the flock; what keeps them up at night, and what causes them to follow the shepherd at the expense of their own intrinsic tendencies and

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