Essay on An Analysis Of ' Salinger 's ' The Catcher Rye '

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J.D. Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye Throughout literary works, writers created certain character that is influential to the main character. Whether they illustrate the hero’s strength, such as Tom Sawyer in Huck Finn or the hero’s weakness like Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, there will always be a person that affects the main character’s actions. These characters in literary terms are known as foils. In the story The Catcher in the Rye, the main character Holden interacted with people who he thinks are phonies because their actions annoyed him. However, his younger brother Allie, who died from Leukemia is one of the few people he liked. The death of Allie changed caused Holden to change his behavior and lose his innocence. Furthermore, this event made Holden unable to advance from his brother’s death, lose the ability to converse with adults, and changed his view of the world. The loss of a family member kept Holden attached to his brother even though most people would have moved on.
During Holden’s last days at Pencey Prep, Holden could not accept the death of Allie. He says he hates the school mainly because there were a lot of phonies, but looking deeper into the story Allie’s death traumatized him. For instance, when Holden wrote the composition for Stradlater, the description for Allie baseball mitt came to his mind. Also, he said, “Allie was the nicest, in lots of ways. He never got mad at anybody.”(Pg. 38) Indeed Allie seems nice since Holden implied that “You’d…

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