An Analysis Of Ryan And Shelly Jacobs And Their Six Kids Were Good Friends Of Ours

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Ryan and Shelly Jacobs and their six kids were good friends of ours; we both went to the same church and they were over for dinner all the time. The kids were little balls of energy and with six different personalities, there was never a dull moment. The oldest, Henry loved challenging me to athletic games, no matter the sport. Joan and Katelyn only had eighteen months between them, and were two peas in a pod. Luke, with his huge blue eyes, tousled blonde hair, and toothless smile, was the epitome of cuteness. Kristen was like a doll- perfectly formed ringlet framed her entire face, and eyes that reminded me of pools of dark chocolate. The youngest, Andrew, or Andy as we called him, was two years old. I was 16 when Shelly asked if I would babysit for her over the summer, as she was expecting: I jumped at the chance. Little did I know that this experience would include ambulances, EMTs, and flashing lights. The next morning found me at their house making breakfast, before sneaking up the stairs and waking up the little sleepyheads. After breakfast, I told the kids to make their beds and then we would go outside. Dishes clanked as I busily cleaned the kitchen, but I stopped abruptly as an abnormally loud, repeated banging came from upstairs, followed by screams. Every possible bad scenario was flooding my mind as I raced to the staircase; I was both shocked and relieved to find the kids riding laundry baskets down the stairs. “What on earth are you all doing?!” I…

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