An Analysis of Romanticism of Atala Essay

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Megan Hartley
Professor Planer
Arts & Ideas
November 8, 2010

An Analysis of Romanticism of Atala The Romantic Era brings to the mind of an uneducated person of a time of idyllic pleasure, carefree and light. If asked to picture it some may say a damsel in distress rescued by her knight riding in on a white stallion. However, the Romantic Era was more of an era of rebellion as the world moved away from the “correctness” in literary art and religion. It was an era of artistic movement, in literature, music, and the visual arts, that emphasizes pleasure in the natural world, fascination with the legends of the past and supernatural beings, creativity, imagination, exploration of human emotions, human activities struggling
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We let us evade. 0 surprise! ... . in the silence that succeeds, we hear the sound of a Bell! Both banned, we listen to this strange noise in a desert. At the moment a dog barks in the distant; it approaches it daunting-wheat her screams, he arrives, he screams of joy to our feet; old Solitaire with a small Lantern follows through the darkness of the forest. (Chateaubriand, Atala)
It is after this tree is struck by lightning right beside them, almost a supernatural feat that Chateaubriand incorporates, that the story moves into another direction as the characters emotions and activities, past and present, start to guide them. In fear they run randomly, not knowing where they are headed when, seemingly out of nowhere, Father Aubry finds them. Father Aubry introduces them to his mission and a different way of looking at life. It is through Father Aubry that Chateaubriand pulls God back into the story as a light to the darkness that they experienced in the wilderness together. Although they are no longer struggling to survive on their own, on the run, they are now struggling with

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