An Analysis Of Rick Bragg 's `` The Only Thing Poverty `` Essay

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““Their women worked themselves to death, their mules succumbed to worms and their children were crippled by rickets and perished from fever, but every Sunday morning The Word leaked out of little white-wood sanctuaries where preachers thrust ragged Bibles at the rafters and promised them that while sickness and poverty and Lucifer might take their families, the soul of a man never dies. White people had it hard and black people had it harder than that, because what are the table scraps of nothing?” (Bragg 4).
Rick Bragg discusses the hardships suffered by those in Piedmont, Alabama. All races suffered through poverty, and all of the races clung to the one thing that promised relief: religion. Almost all men and women, regardless of race, had a firm belief in God.
““The only thing poverty does is grind down your nerve endings to a point that you can work harder and stoop lower than most people are willing to. It chips away a person’s dreams to the point that the hopelessness shows through, and the dreamer accepts that hard work and borrowed houses are all this life will ever be” (Bragg 25).
Poverty can have effects that are beneficial and unbeneficial. Living a life of poverty can teach a person the true value of hard work and perseverance. However, it can cause terrible health problems and as Bragg stated, a lose of hope.
““On their side, the teacher calls their name in homeroom and they walk with their heads up to her desk, to leave their lunch money, and pay their…

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