An Analysis Of Richard Rohr 's Daily Meditation Essay

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An Evolving Cosmology; the Blueprint- Past, Present, and Future; God is Being Itself, the Cosmic Christ, and the Cosmic Christ; are five essays from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation that we had to read. With each of the essays we had to find one or two interesting things and agree or disagree with them and then explain our thoughts on that part of the reading. Rohr’s essays are short and bring up some interesting facts, but only one thing fully jumped out at from each of the essays
The first reading WAS Rohr’s essay on An Evolving Cosmology. The part of the reading that jumped out at me through this reading was at the very end. It is when Ilia Delio says we’re reaching a fork in the road; two paths are diverging on planet earth, and the one we choose will make all the difference for the life of the planet. Shall we continue our medieval religious practices in a medieval paradigm and mechanistic culture and undergo extinction? Or shall we wake up to this dynamic, evolutionary universe and the rise of consciousness toward an integral wholeness? This is a very important subject, if we don’t change then we could undergo extinction at some point. We need to learn to adapt and change as time goes on, we know organisms change and adapt so why is it that we fight change?
Change doesn’t have to be bad, it can just be different, or it can even be a good thing. I agree that we’re reaching a fork in the road but I also think that we reached a fork in the road already in the past. I…

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