An Analysis Of Rebecca Lee Crumpler 's Book Of Medical Discourses

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Rebecca Lee Crumpler, perhaps the most impactful woman in the history of African American medicine. She challenged the prejudice which prevented African Americans from getting careers in medicine. Crumpler was the first African American female doctor,a title formerly credited to Rebecca Cole; as well as the first African American woman to obtain a medical degree during times when advanced education was rare. Towards the end of her career, Crumpler also composed a book written from her studies titled “Book of Medical Discourses.” To repeat, Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the most important African American doctor, paving the way for both women and people of color in the medical field. Little is known about the life of Crumpler, what is known has been, for the most part, obtained from her own writings and publications. Rebecca was born free in Delaware on February 8th, 1831, to Absolum and Matilda Davis. However she was raised by her aunt in Pennsylvania, the woman who started it all. As a young child Rebecca had much exposure to people with illnesses. Her aunt spent much of her time caring for sick neighbors, giving Rebecca a passion of caring for the ill at a young age. Rebecca wrote when she began to work, she knew it had to be in a field where she could care for others. In one of her 1883 publications she writes "...having been reared by a kind aunt in Pennsylvania, whose usefulness with the sick was continually sought, I early conceived a liking for, and sought every…

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