An Analysis Of Rainsford 's ' The Most Dangerous Game ' Essays

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In The Most Dangerous Game, as any day a man named Rainsford was on his way to Rio to go hunt, but what are the odds his plans would ever turn out so bizarre.The story starts off ashim and other men on a yacht hoping to “have some good hunting” in Rio(12).One night he goes to “smoke another pipe on the afterdeck” (2),and he hears suspicious gunshots in the distance. His curiosity seems to have taken over, and he lurks on the rail of the ship with his pipe, soon dropping the pipe, losing his balance, and falling into the ocean. After struggling while the water over his head, Rainsford swims a good distance to soon get to land. Rainsford remembers the shots and concludes to himself to search the island; he then finds General Zaroff’s “palatial chateau” (8). Zaroff takes him in, and they discuss about hunting. General introduces to Rainsford “the most dangerous game” (8) on his island. Once Rainsford finds out General’s hunting human game and his devious ways, he wishes to leave the island immediately, but he has no choice and has to “hunt” (13) with him. That night Rainsford gets off to a strong start, but no matter what he tries “to keep [his] nerve” (16). As Rainsford’s days pass by in the game, he is thinking of strategies and intelligent brain work to survive from Zaroff. He is able to synthesize a “Malay Mancatcher” (19) all the way to a “Burmese tiger pit” (20) to defeat Zaroff. Rainsford time to be hunted is almost over, but just his luck he gets stuck in a tight…

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