12 Angry Men Leadership Analysis

[Beginning with a quotation is a good introduction strategy. ☺]→ "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority” (Blanchard). ←[Be sure to proofread for errors such as omitted end punctuation.] “In Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, Juror eight will harness his issues to the other jurors to receive the verdict that he is coveting for. This juror is contemplative, meaning he will gather all the evidence and talk to his fellow jurors, combining thoughts to make an unanimous decision. He is a resilient man who leaves it on himself to make unbearable decisions for the group, because he wants to make sure the outcome is optimal for the defendant. Juror eight has patience, with his fellow jurors, thus improving communication. …show more content…
In the beginning of the conversation between all the jurors, juror eight expresses his hesitations and will keep talking about his point till his problem is solved. It was expressed to juror seven that, “we can’t decide in five minutes. Suppose [we are] wrong” (Rose 12). The conversation emphasizes how there is one person who is so eager about the case, that eventually, other jurors will see his point. Other jurors will also see all the evidence that is compiled. Due to juror eight’s fortitude and tolerance of other juror’s throughout the case, he is getting other people to understand the facts and proof that are in front of them. In addition, having substantial facts changes people’s minds when juror five articulates, “Now wait a minute” (Rose 27). This shows how diligence is key to success. Whenever any type of group work happens in any setting, all members need to have perseverance and determination for achievement to happen. Likewise, juror eight is able to turn stubborn feelings into agreement. At the end of the extensive jury room talk, after all the pleading, and finally declaring, “All right. Not guilty” (Rose 74). The painful talk emphasizes the pain and agony, patience has. However, the most significant remark is for everyone to be jovial, and for everything to end well. In conclusion, the ability to change a person’s mind is tough, but waiting will make all the

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