An Analysis Of Peter J. Thuesen 's Book ' Discordance With The Scriptures '

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In every religion there is a holy book that is regarded by its followers as un-disturbed and accurate word to guide ones faith. The Islamists have the Quran, the Jewish people have the Torah and the Christians have the bible, which has not been un-disturbed through the centuries. In Peter J. Thuesen’s book In Discordance with the Scriptures, The study presents the debate concering the translations of the bible amongst Conservative and liberal Protestants in America, specifically, over translations in the RSV (Revised Standard Version). Thuesen writes a phenomenal work of research breaking down the battlefield of arguments between the Protestants by expounding the chain of events that led to the, as Thuesen puts it, “conservative embrace of verbal inerrancy or a liberal quest for historical Jesus” (Thuesen, 15). The disputation amongst Protestants over the scriptures meaning to the Christian faith can be traced back to the rule of Henry VIII, when he dissolved the church from the state government after being ex-communicated by Pope Clement VII for attempting to annul his marriage. The English Reformation opened the door for the English church that allowed for translations of the bible from traditional Greek and Hebrew to English. The first person to bring about an English translation of the bible to the world was due in part by the work of William Tyndale, who would later become a martyr for Protestants to come. Although executed, many of the bibles that ascended after…

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