Essay on An Analysis Of Percy Shelley 's ' The Coliseum '

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“The Coliseum is unlike the work of human hands I ever saw before. It is of enormous height and circuit, and the arches built of massy stones are piled on one another and jut into the blue air, shattered into the forms of overhanging rocks” (Percy Shelley). Originally called the Flavian Amphitheater, the Coliseum later became known as the Colisei, because of a colossal bronze statue of Nero that stood near it (2). Over the centuries, earthquakes and lightning strikes have damaged the monument, but much of it still remains (6). When walking through the Coliseum, one sees the basement where gladiators and animals were kept, because the wooden floor above it was destroyed (journal). Large stone façades rise above the basement: a section of the structure that once held stands for spectators. The Roman Emperors built the Coliseum to serve as a center of entertainment for the Roman people by hosting events such as gladiator fights and controlled hunts. Though time has passed and societies have evolved, entertainment continues to have significance within every culture today. The games held in the Coliseum set the trajectory for Western Civilization entertainment while also displaying how the entertainment in a society reflects the what they value, which is not too different from society today. Emperor Vespasian began the construction of the Coliseum between 70 and 72 AD, but his son, Titus, completed the project in 80 AD, a year after Vespasian’s death. Before Vespasian…

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