An Analysis Of Ovid 's Poem By Ovid Essay

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Oh fascinating,” Her soft voice chirped as she reread the poem by Ovid numerous times, trying to find perhaps, a hidden message that she had some how missed. Why hadn’t her educator taught her about these important poems? Weren’t ones skins suppose to shin brightly? She’d have to ask her servant, or perhaps Drusus about it later if he was going to stop by. She was grateful he did threaten to flog her or smack the backside like she had heard the horror stories of doing. Just the thought sent shivers down her spine. Back to weaving soon, she supposed. Jotting down the ingredients in a slowly steady hand, some of which she knew she could produce such as egg yolk and oatmeal, she heard the sound of her name being called by one of the many of her household servants.

“Yes, yes, coming!” Perhaps she snapped, angered that her methods were being interrupted. When she was done, she folded the paper up and rolled it beneath her once neatly made sheets. Checking herself in the mirror, she tugged the tunic type dress. Galeria Herminia was no longer a child, but this made her feel so. She was only three more moons until reaching the age of twenty. Such a cumbersome age to be so small and yet so developed. She touched her breasts beneath the fabric. Not large, but satisfactory. Hips, not wide enough for a man’s pleasure, but as inspected, fit for bearing children. She was a child trapped in this body, at least in her father’s eyes. Did he forever wish her to stay young? Or was it her own…

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