An Analysis Of ' Oedipus Rex And Antigone ' Essay

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“‘When you say Man,’...‘you include women too’” (Rukeyser 10-1). In several points of history, women are expected to fit certain characteristics, but there are some women who do not. A lot of the time, women break expectations set for them through their ultimate actions. This is what makes them unlike men; their ability to defy standards set for them surpasses that of a man who is already expected to do great things. Referring to “men” does not also include women for these reasons. In Sophocles’ works, Oedipus Rex and Antigone, the role of women, interchangeably strong or weak, is contradicted through expectations, appearances, and decisions. Iocaste, in Oedipus Rex, starts as a strong female who is opinionated and is not afraid to speak up in serious conversations, typically among men. She even seems pushy towards men at times. When Oedipus and Creon are verbally fighting, due to Oedipus’ accusation of Creon killing Laïos, Iocaste yells out to them as if they are arguing like children. She exudes her power over them by informing, “With Thebes sick to death, is it not shameful that you should rake some private quarrel up?” (Sophocles, Oedipus Rex 34). She brings up the minimal importance of this “quarrel” in comparison to the city’s condition. She has great authority and strength to tell the king to change his actions and even calls them “shameful.” In this example, she is not at all timid when it comes to giving an opinion during a conversation between two powerful men.…

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