An Analysis Of Nicola Barker's Short Story 'G-String'

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Register to read the introduction… With the reaction of Mr. Kip, Barker additionally advocates that the newly acquired self-esteem will, at long last, bring woman the respect and admiration of men.
Nicola Barker’s story G-string is a hilarious narrative presenting formulaic but lifelike characters trapped in the part society has ascribed them. It is written in an entertaining and amusing tone. Barker uses humour to highlight the ridiculousness of women’s attitude of trying to please at the cost of who they really are. These pitiful attempts are shown as ill-advised and unavailing.
Barker uses colourful similes to illustrate how absurd Gillian feels when she persists in wearing the G-string even when it is clear she is ill at ease in the loathsome underwear: “It felt like her G-string was making headway from between her buttocks up into her throat. She felt like a leg of lamb, trussed up with cheese wire. Now she knew how a horse felt when offered a new bit and bridle for the first time”
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The stupidity and uselessness of these actions are put into the foreground with funny similes and anecdotes that make the reader laugh as he realizes that such efforts will never lead to anything. With Gillian’s story, Barker tries to show the reader that women are unique. They have a unique physique, a unique personality. They can’t all fit into one stereotypical cast. Women are the ones that craft that profile into which to fit, not the opposite sex. The same men they are trying to impress and acquire respect from, will not be attracted by someone who tries to play a role. They will be seduced by self-confidence and acceptance, something that will not be attained by superficial imitation of an empty model, but by remaining true to

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