An Analysis Of Natasha Rodriguez 's ' Who Are You Calling Underprivileged?

1247 Words Sep 10th, 2016 5 Pages
I am frequently told that I am privileged because of the color of my skin. Then I’m told I’m underprivileged because of my gender and my income. Obviously, someone needs to make up their mind. This is the starting place of Natasha Rodriguez’s essay “Who Are You Calling Underprivileged?” She writes about her experiences dealing with labeling due to ethnicity and income while applying for college and financial aid. This leads her through an emotional process that causes her to question racial classification and how she identifies herself. Her final solution is to suggest alternate terminology that she feels everyone can be comfortable with. While I believe the author makes some valid points that I can appreciate, it seems as though she is so distracted by her own feelings, she is missing the larger picture demonstrated by her own experience. As a low income college student myself, I have seen the same labeling practices. I took away a different message. I don’t care what you call me. I care about what actions are taken on the behalf of myself and others. That seems to be where Natasha and I disagree. In her essay, Ms. Rodriguez starts with her feelings about a word, a dictionary definition, underprivileged. She discusses how that particular label makes her feel, and how she believes it makes her appear in the eyes of others. She goes on to explain her emotional reaction to being stereotyped based predominately on race. First she experienced confusion, as some of the…

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