An Analysis Of Mr. Smith 's Letter From The Middle Of East Los Angeles

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Picture this: Mr. Smith, having some care trouble, pulls his Lexus over to the curb on Cypress Boulevard in the middle of East Los Angeles and proceeds to the nearest 7-11 to call for a tow truck. His Armani Suit signals to everyone around that this guy just does not belong. Five kids pass by wearing NFL jerseys and sagging slacks. They all glare and one mutters a sarcastic “oooooh, baby,” as he looks Mr. Smith up and down. In his own world, the clothes Mr. Smith wears mean sophistication and success, but in this primarily lower class Hispanic neighborhood, his clothes pose a threat to him. The gang kids perceive him as weak and defenseless, like a fish out of water. This scene illustrates how people base a person’s character on what he or she is wearing. The clothes people wear often reflect personality, show ties to certain crowds or cliques, and often provide the information on which first impressions are made. As a result, clothes are probably the most important way by which we initially bond and associate with one another.
Even in Shakespeare’s time, “the apparel oft’ proclaim[ed] the man.” Clothes are often a strong indicator of a person’s personality and corresponding attitudes. They can indicate everything from race or religion to sexual preference or political ties. The top hats and long black suits worn by the old Jewish men, who can be seen walking the streets of Hollywood, are a perfect example of this. These people are normally perceived as being stand-offish,…

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