An Analysis Of Modern Family Essay

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An analysis of Modern Family
Winning the Golden Globes 4 years in a row, “Modern Family” the american comedy, is still releasing trending episodes where the day to day life of three different types of families hook our eyes every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m in ABC family. It’s not only Sofia Vergara (the highest-paid TV actress in the U.S) who influences the rating to go up. In fact, the hilarious of the show “Modern Family” consists of 3 unsual marriages, each one representing a contrasting family stereotype than the others. Namely the presence of a gay couple is not what we commonly see on TV, Mitchell and Cameron play this situation with their adopted, funny, smart and very sneaky daughter, named Lily, who sometimes they struggle to raise. Mitchell’s sister Claire is married to Phill, and they have the most strange children two average parents could have. Finally, Jay, Claire and Mitchell’s father, is married to Gloria a very young latin woman who has a boy from a previous relationship. The succesful impact “Modern Family” has in the audience is due to its family life-related plot and each character’s personality many americans enjoy.

Even though now homosexuality is an open topic ready to show that only sexual orientationis is what distingues gay or lesbian people, in some places, is still a taboo to meet with homosexuals or just have acceptance towards them. Religion, or conservative thinking is what still judges them as being sick, atheists or even harmful to society as well…

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