An Analysis Of Mercy For Animals (MFA)

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In a sea of websites dedicated to a many of causes, finding one that speaks to someone might be a challenge. Non-profit organisations have to compete with each other, not only for donations, but also attention being spread about their cause. Therefore, having an amazing website is almost imperative to the success of many non-profits. The website must have amazing visuals to capture the audience 's attention, and make them want to stay on the page. The organization and design is important to make sure that information is easily accessible and pleasing to look at. The information must be informative and relevant. Most importantly, helping must be as pain free as possible, ensuring that almost everyone can at least do something. An organization that does all of these things excellently in their website is Mercy for Animals (MFA). MFA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to expose animal cruelty in meat production plants, and to improve the …show more content…
The website has a message that is plastered on almost every page: Go Vegan. This message is also at the end of a lot of their investigation videos. At times, the message is overbearing. It pushes away potential donors, as it feels like a personal attack. It heavily implies that eating any animal products is terrible, and that the populous should be ashamed for doing so. In doing this, many people may feel upset, and may not donate because of it. While shoving Veganism down a person’s throat is not necessarily a good thing, it is not necessarily a bad thing either. Never once does the website say that the only people who can help are vegans. In fact, the website encourages the consumption of meat from farms that are known to treat their animals well. It sends the message that while it is preferable to go vegan, it is okay if the choice is made not too. Therefore,the argument that MFA is to forcefully enforcing its ideals, is simply not

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