Melody Of The Night

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Melody of the night by Leonid Afremov When I look at the painting, it makes me feel happy and amazed with the variety of colors he has used. It shows a couple walking in the night with their dog. It’s not only a normal walk rushing to a place but a short walk in the evening somewhere in the park close by just to turn off from the world and spend quality time with the spouse/partner. Without friends or children. Mainly during the night, these places are very quiet and not many peoples around which make it more interesting to enjoy the company of each other. This particular walk makes forgetting the stress and daily routine of everyday life. It seems like a nightfall park where two souls, two …show more content…
It could be that he is using his experience from his personal life to help others. I think the perspective of the artist is to pass a message through his art. A positive message through some colorful paintings to shows that life is fill with good things and we need to get good use of it through many different steps such as respect, communication and forgiveness. From what I can pick from his art is the different colors he’s been using which therefore shows a positive emotion rather than a negative message.
When I view this piece I think how a painting can impact my emotions. I was never a fan of painting or poetry or reading. But when I saw this artist painting I was so impressed and amazed. Of course I read a bit through his bibliography and find out that he went through so much hardship in his childhood. And by looking at his painting you would never think of this sort. His emotions are hidden behind the colorful art that make me more intrigue by his
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Two years ago, I was so focused with studies, my job and myself and never thought of marriage. I met a girl a year ago that I instantly liked her at first sight. She was my sister’s best friend and became a good friend of mine. Few months ago we have decided to get married. In life we have all sort of commitments, work, studies, family etc. But I believe that when you are married you need to give quality time to your spouse. It is extremely important. For me she is now my best friend as well as my wife. This painting makes me reflect on myself. I would never be stress at home, well it maybe true that it’s hard to avoid stress. The best way to do it is when you home you turn off from whatever things related to work etc. In short, the way I deal with my wife is as per the things I mentioned above in the essay. I make sure I respect my spouse, communicate with her always, I am always transparent with her in any situation. I take her out for short walk mostly every night, not just for one to one time but also to keep fit, exercising or sometime go for a coffee. Once every 3 months we go out for a weekend somewhere. I believe that a married couple should always try to have a one to one time and never bring work stress home to your

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