An Analysis Of Mark Herman 's ' The Boy 's The Striped Pajamas '

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“The boy in the striped pajamas” film, was released on November 7, 2008 directed by Mark Herman. It that took place during the year 1942 in germany. The film is a about the relationship between a german boy and a Jewishjewish boy that becomebecame very close friends. There is symbolism and irony involved in the film. In the story Bruno is the main character the person that helps us understand the film. The overall description is about how in the pastback in time, german soldiers treated Jjews with cruelty. It 's referring back to how Jewsjews were treated in the concentration camp. The protagonist , Bbruno, that is leading the reader to the conflict and the resolve conflicts. Bruno was a very curious boy who liked to explore that once they moved and then he discovered a place to go visit when he had opportunities. Bruno spotted what he thought it was a “farm”. and found it quite was quite interesting in finding out why the Jjewish boy always weared. To be exactcleared, Bbruno was more into finding out about the Jewishjewish boy named Sshmuel. Bruno’s dad , the antagonist, took the Jewsjews homes and took them to a concentration camp. The antagonist are the the german soldiers and Bbrunos dad, Ralph. The german soldiers were very mingy taking the Jjewish homes.
The conflict begins when bruno got even more curious about Jewsjews people when the teacher mention “ Jewsjews are bad people”. Bruno becomes more involved that he wants to prove that some Jewishjewish can be…

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