An Analysis Of Lynn White 's Views Of Eco Theology Essay

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An Analysis of Lynn White 's Views of Eco-theology in Comparison with the Response of the Academic Community
In 1967, Lynn White published an article in the Science journal that ushered in years of debate over the role of Christianity in the ecological crisis that the world is in today. In his article, White argued that Christianity is anthropocentric in nature, meaning that the religion views the world through a point of view that is human-centered. Subsequently, White makes a case regarding the role of Christianity 's anthropocentrism in contributing to the development of science and technology with a Western lens. As a consequence, White makes the statement that ecological disaster began to occur as more technology gave humanity power over nature. Lastly, he asserts that Christianity acts in the opposite manner of environmentalism due to its religious values founded in its origin stories. In this paper, I will consider in depth White 's arguments regarding the effect of Christianity on developing exploitative modes of science and technology and on the anthropocentric nature of Christianity. This paper provides a framework to explore the article that started the movement of eco-theology and the response that followed.
Christianity 's Effect on the Development of Science and Technology Lynn White argues that Christianity 's overarching effects on the branches of science and technology greatly contributed to our current state of environmental destruction. This premise of…

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