An Analysis Of Lou Jones ' Career Path Essay

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Lou Jones’ career path is of a photographer, but it is more than just a profession for him. For Jones, photography is a medium to give voice to those who lack one. He is such a pioneer in his profession that he is capable of disappearing in it.

This past September 27th, Jones visited Brandeis in the Epstein building, where the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC) is located, to talk about his latest project, titled, “panAFRICAproject”. It is a photography project that, according to Jones, took over his life—a project in Africa, without mentioning any specific country of the continent.

The main purpose to the realization of this project was to redefine the preconceived notions and to highlight how culturally diverse is the continent. The presentation addressed several aspects that overlapped about the distinct African countries, such as, education, social mobility, religion, culture, traditions, public health, medicine, amongst others. Jones’ photographs are the solid proof of how complex and enriching is every and each different country in the African continent.

The first photograph he showed is the one of a group of black men chained, all walking in line in the state of Texas. Along with the photograph, he threw at the audience an interesting fact to start provoking conversation: Texas executes more people than any other state.

This particular work along with three other photographs that he displayed at the beginning of his presentation, belonged to another of his…

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