An Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' The Harlem Renaissance ' Essay

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Recognized as an acclaimed genius, Langston Hughes was famously known for his poems of African American culture and racism. His work is famously known in African American Literature and his work sparked and had a huge impact in the Harlem Renaissance. Opening the eyes of young and older African Americans to be proud of their culture to be true to themselves sadly he wasn’t appreciated at the time and his work was considered radical something not even close too at modern times for simply promoting rights. Many of his stories focus on hope and others seemed not so much positive on the African American rights, like “I Too Sing America”, ”Let America Be America Again”, and “Dream Deferred” fortunately for him he was lucky to see the civil rights act passed.
Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri, 1902. His parents separated after his father had it with the racist barriers in America that didn’t allow him to succeed so he moved to Mexico. His mother had to work twice as hard to fill the empty spot of his father. This caused Hughes to grow up as a very solitary kid reading and listen to the stories of his grandmother about heroic black people. Growing up to be very voraciously and keen to poetry, music, and art.
To begin with one of Hughes poems contains a lot of hope. It’s one of his best known works. What’s known of its origins is that it originated “In 1924, at the age of twenty-two Langston Hughes found himself broke in the Italian city of Genoa, he composed…

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