An Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut ' Writing Style Essay

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How to Write with Style Everyone has his or her own writing style, and some writing styles are considerably more distinct than others; however, anyone’s writing style can and should be improved over time. There really is no one specific or perfect way to write because everyone has different opinions on what is well written and what is poorly written, so it is important to alter one’s style so as to capture the attention of very different audiences. Kurt Vonnegut, an amazingly talented author from the 20th century, wrote an essay entitled “How to Write with Style” which gives excellent techniques on how to better anyone’s writing style. Each of his techniques has an explanation as to why they should be used, and he uses each of them in his essay. Everyone can use some or all of his advice to become a better writer.
Sharing who you are in your writing is called elements of style, and it helps the reader understand who you are. Be sure to keep your audience in mind when you write to keep them interested in you as a writer, and you should be passionate about your subject to show the audience you really care. Make sure you are not rambling about the subject, and keep in mind that your language does not have to be complex. Simplicity can reach your audience better, so make sure your eloquence is serving your ideas. Use your own words when you write instead of sounding like something you are not, as the readers will find this more enjoyable. Say what you mean like your…

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