An Analysis Of Katherine Phillips 's Poem ' Friendship ' Essay

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We can continue on for a longer period of time to get more in-depth on the origin of gender inequality in religion, but let us go onto the focus of the 19th century. British literature displays the opinion of marriage, and that opinion isn’t the highest of standards. Katherine Phillips shows such in her poem “Friendship”. Phillips begins by defining love, explaining how love is in nature and in the heavens, which flows off into the earth (Line 5-13). Then, she explains how love is a misconception on earth, due to her low opinion of marriage (Line 29-34), and that true love is shown through friendship. Love is misinterpreted into something that is not sincere since love is supposed to be the base of marriage. Friendship is held high in her standards since Phillips believes that friendship is more of a mental aspect, rather than just the physicality of marriages during this time period (Line 33). She even compares love to a fire, saying it constantly needs “wood” to keep it burning (Line 39-40) while friendship is self-sufficient and will feed the soul without anything (Line 45). Friendship to Phillips is the only relationship where you can be yourself and is the most gratifying relationship of them all (Line 48-56). Breaking down this poem, we can see a lot of issues in 19th-century marriages. It is quite obvious that the saying “marry your best friend” was not a reality during this time period. It seems that there is quite a disconnection between spouses, to the point…

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