An Analysis Of Judith Carney 's One Section Of The Journal Of African History

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The subject of Judith Carney’s one section of The Journal of African History is about how and where rice came from in the Americas, and the contribution African indigenous rice cultivation played in shaping the food/economic systems of the New World. The problem Carney propels in her paper is that very little attention was given to African plant domesticates, which played a huge role in the Columbian Exchange. her main argument is that Africans are the main agent of the rice coming to the Americas, but they are not given the credit for bringing rice and the cultivation method in the Americas.

The structure of the reading is chronological, because she starts off with the plants grown in Africa, diffusion of plants during slave trade, domestication of rice, and rice cultivation methods. The body of the chapter is divided into three parts; the first part discusses the plants/crops domesticated in Africa and the exchanges that occurs between Africa and Asia before the arrival of the European navigators. The second section reveals the introduction of African plants/crops in the Americas during the Atlantic slave trade and this contribution altered the agricultural history of the Americas. The third and final section depicts several other plants domesticated by the African slaves and maroons, who escaped slavery.

Carney used many primary sources to support her argument; some of the primary sources approved the ignorance of other scholarships that were neglecting the…

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