An Analysis Of Jonathan Edwards Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God?

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During the Eighteenth century, many people were increasingly blinded from the real object of life and began to depend on unearthly possessions. To avoid people from falling further into the depths of temptation, Jonathan Edwards preaches his famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” to provide people the opportunity to realize that their soul’s mercy depends on the saving grace of God. However, in his sermon, Edwards makes it clear that man is still destined to go to hell because of the bitter fruit that they have brought forth into the gates of heaven. The most interesting thing about Edward’s sermon is that God is viewed as an evil ruler that has no mercy towards his people. Furthermore, in the speech, Edward’s contradicts himself …show more content…
Due to the establishment of the Declaration of Independence, American colonists realized that they ultimately have the supremacy to alter the course of humanity because people have the authority to change the laws of the land if corruption is infiltrating the current government. Also, the Declaration of Independence plays a significant historical role within society since it portrays the ultimate journey the colonist made to break free from the British Crown. Throughout the reading, the reader can craft a mental picture of the cruel punishment that the American colonists experienced during the reign of King George III. Even though settlers attempted to resolve the ongoing conflicts such as quartering of soldiers, taxes, and the removal of the right to trial by jury through peaceful negotiations, the British crown consistently ignored which lead to the colonist's decision to become an independent nation. Although the Declaration of Independence possesses no legal authority over an individual country, it is considered the foundation of American equality. Aside from providing justice to the American people, the Declaration of Independence contributed to the development of a deeper and insightful understanding of the unalienable rights that humans possessed since birth. The one thing that I believe that the declaration lacks is equal representation of women since they were prohibited from creating this official government

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